Mother Zebra Collapses On The Ground. But Wait Until You See What’s Happening Under Her Tail..


Giving birth to a child is just one of the most beautiful miracles of nature. Motherhood truly is a blessing however, the process can be quite grueling sometimes. Despite that the end is always beautiful as the world gets to welcome a new being coming into existence.


This enthralling clip shows a mother zebra giving birth to a baby foal in the in Ngorongoro Crater Tanzania. What amazed me was, that the new born baby was already up and had learned to walk by the end of the clip. But this supposedly comes naturally for young zebras. Within an hour, the new born foal is seen walking and joining the rest of the herd, walking by his mother’s side.

The newborn foal is not just adorable but quite well developed, weighing around 70lbs. I was so mesmerized seeing this video showing a beautiful creature taking birth. The moment where his mom licks him and stands directly beside him is truly an incredible sight to watch.

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