3,200 Yr Old World’s Largest Tree Is Still Growing. But When You See The ENTIRE Thing, You’ll GASP!


It is not an exaggeration when you say; trees are what keep us alive. It is a known fact that trees or green vegetation provides us with oxygen; without which life is not possible. Even though trees cover almost 30% of the earth’s surface, all the trees around the world are different. Some grow out to be small which some gigantic. This story revolves around a tree which has been growing for thousands of years now and is supposedly one of the worlds’ largest.


“The President” is the second-largest tree on earth which is located in Sequoia National park, California. It is 3,200 years old. With 247 feet height and 27 feet diameter, this tree is a stunning piece of work from nature. It consists of nearly 2 billion leaves. According to NatGeo experts, if we count the overall width and above-ground size of “The President”, it is indeed the largest tree on the planet.

Watch Michael “Nick” Nichols in the mission of capturing this amazing wonder of nature in the video. Do share your thoughts about it in the comments below.


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