Woman Left Her 1 Month Old Baby To Die In The Streets. But When A Stray Dog Found The Child? OMG


There are many stories about humans rescuing animals on the internet. But sometimes, our animal friends can save us too. And that’s exactly what this amazing dog did! She is named Way and she lives in a city in Argentina. Way was walking across an alleyway one freezing winter night when she happened to come across an abandoned human child. The one month old child was deserted by his 33 year old mother; but thanks to Way, he got a second chance at life. She had a litter of her own, so the pooch’s maternal instinct advised her to take the little human under her care as well.


Way wanted to look after the abandoned baby despite having the responsibilities of her own litter on her head. She and her puppies kept the baby warm all through the night. The baby probably wouldn’t have survived the cold temperatures if it wasn’t for the pooch and her pups.

The next morning, Alejandra Griffa heard the baby’s cries and she took him to the hospital. His heartless mother was arrested.

Watch the video below:


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