This Little Kid Is Just 11 Yrs Old. But Wait Till You Hear Him Sing Adele’s “Hello”


Adele is one of the most admired singers in the entertainment industry today. She is not only loved by her fans, but also by almost everyone in Hollywood. She has a jaw-dropping voice and an uncanny ability of sending shivers down your spine with her songs. Many people have tried to cover her and the video below features one of these amazing covers.


The little kid in the clip is named Tryzdin Grubbs and he is just 11 years old. But Tryzdin is an unbelievable singer. The clip features him singing Adele’s “Hello” at a family gathering. I am not really surprised that this video went viral – the kid is beyond brilliant! Tryzdin was born prematurely and no one expected him to make it home from the hospital due to complications including premature lungs. But he proved he is survivor. According to his mom, he wants to take care of the homeless and children in foster care once he “makes it big”.

Watch this beautiful cover below!


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