These Mean Girls Bullied Her All The Time. But What Her Brother Did Next? AMAZING!


MattyB began his singing career at the young age of seven. He became a YouTube celebrity when his videos reached more than a billion views and over 2.5 million subscribers. Now at 11 years of age, MattyB is an internet sensation. This pop singer cum rapper from Atlanta, GA has won hearts all over the world.


This video revolves around a very strong issue that many people deal with every day; especially children. Bullying. It is heartbreaking when you hear news about children being harassed and taunted and victimized. They may be a bit different from their pals, but aren’t we all? This song’s lyrics are beautiful and the video is amazing as well.

Watch this beautiful video below. What are your thoughts about bullying? What can we do to lessen it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. That was so beautiful I wish more kids were like that. All they want is to have friends and to be liked. Those two singers were 2 beautiful ppl also, made me cry.


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