Her Owner Left Her Shoe On The Floor. What This Little Puppy Does With It? This Is Brilliant!


This adorable little Yorkshire Terrier puppy in the video is called Misa Minnie. Misa is only 7 months old. And not only is she cute, she is also quite a talented pup. She executes some pretty impressive tricks and will definitely get you captivated!


Yorkshire Terriers are famous for their intelligence and their boundless energy. They are ranked among the top 10 most popular breeds in the USA. They are also said to be a little possessive at times. Misa is home trained. In this video she is shown delivering tricks like pray, roll over, sit, shop, be sad, among others.

Watch Misa perform her wide assortment of tricks in the video below! Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!


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  1. A lot of love, and time went into training this little girl. She performs willingly, and is obviously enjoying the activity. I have bred Yorkies for 27 years, and I assure you, they don’t do tricks if they don’t want to. I have some who wave bye bye, speak on command, roll over, give five, and high five, and several other trained behaviors. Then I have some who are only willing to play fetch, others who don’t care to do anything but get petted, and kick back. I never train with treats, only praise, but both work, so it’s an individual choice. This is an exceptionally smart little dog.


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