Santa Was Caught Pooping On The Toilet. But It Was What Happened Next That Had Me In Hysterics!


Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is talking about it. Even the internet is filled with Christmas advertisements and discussions. This video below is one of the commercial which has gone viral this Christmas. Even though this video is from a year ago, many people are still loving this ad mainly because of its funny perspective. Even though this is a Christmas ad, it is not about any supermarket or some gift stores. This commercial is actually about a toilet deodorizer called Poo~Pourri. This company also likes to call it, “before-you-go toilet spray”.


During Christmas a lot of people gather in one place. So it is obvious that everyone would be using the toilet and there is a high chance of it getting smelly. So what does this company suggest? A toilet deodorizer! It reduces the toilet’s awful smell and no one will know that you are doing your business.

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