Soldier Dad Has Sent Her THIS Teddy Bear. But THIS Girl’s Reaction After Holding It’s Paw? WOW!


A soldier’s life is a harsh one. He has to sacrifice so much for the sake of the country. Staying away from loved ones must be really hard. They even have to stay away from their children and miss out on them growing up. But thanks to technology, communication has become much easier. A soldier who gifted his daughter a teddy bear made use of new technology to bring a smile on her face.


The soldier had sent her a teddy bear, but it was quite special. It looked like any other bear, but as soon as you held his paw, the bear played a pre-recorded voice of the soldier. So when the girl held on to her teddy bear, she was more than delighted to hear her dear father’s voice. She was on cloud 9, and her priceless reaction really puts a tear in your eye!

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