Blind & Deaf Elephant Was Put In A Truck. But Watch When The Old Girl Realizes Where She’s Going


Elephants are renowned all over the world for their beauty and intelligence. However, they are still hunted and slaughtered for the most inane reasons. Take for example, the story featured below. This poor elephant is called Sook-Jai and she is one of the unlucky elephants that got trapped by humans. She was then forced to work many different jobs throughout her life.


She moved from one job to another, and she belonged to lots of different owners. She worked until she couldn’t work anymore. Her eyes started getting dim and her hearing became faint. But thankfully, she was rescued. The 73 year old elephant was freed from her horrible life and taken to a wonderful sanctuary. After she arrived at the Park, Sook Jai raised her trunk to smell her new home, with tears running down her face. Here’s hoping she will be happy for the rest of her years.

Watch this heartrending story below!


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