This Dog Is Silently Siting On The Porch. Now Watch What Happens When This Cub Sneaks Up On Him!


It is a basic instinct for carnivorous animals to learn to hunt their prey. In the wild, lion’s cubs play with each other to learn the tactics of hunting. Sometimes lionesses take their children in the field to teach them to hunt while sometimes they go on their own. But in this video below, a lion’s cub sneak on a dog just for the intention of playing tag with him. However, this big dog was so taken by surprise that he jumps up in fright and even squeaks as he runs away from the cub.


This video below was captured in Cornellskop Animal Training Farm in South Africa. It is a fully licensed farm which trains animals for work in films and television commercials. According to the video description in their YouTube channel, “all the animals on the farm are loved and cared for and completely socialized to one another and play together often – as seen in the clip”. In addition, this farm works very closely with conservation authorities as well as welfare associations to care for rescued and unwanted animals.

Watch these two unlikely buddies playing together. Wasn’t that hilarious? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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