She Starts Skating On This Frozen Lake – But When Camera Zoomed Out? This Took My Breath Away!


Katrina Lazzarotto is probably one of the luckiest persons alive. When she was offered to have the chance to figure skate around the stunning mountains of British Columbia, she instantly agreed. If I were in her position I would have done the same. But when she actually got to the top of the mountain and on the frozen lake, she was breathless.


Katrina says that she is not a professional figure skater and she hadn’t skated for four years. But when her friend Bradley Friesen made this exciting proposal to skate at the top of the mountain, she couldn’t refuse. It was the chance of her lifetime and she was no way letting it get out of her hands. Bradley and Katrina flew up 5,000 feet to the Canadian Rockies and she stepped on the magical frozen lake. She says that it was like skating in the heaven!

Watch this incredible video below. What do you think about this magical experience? Let us know via comments!


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