Dog Sneaks Away EVERY Day. But When Her Caretaker Found Out WHERE She Went, She Broke Down…


To illustrate the proof of a dog being man’s best friend, I am unable. Rather, I am not worthy of such a feat. Because we all know that having a dog is more or less like having a bundle of pure unconditional happiness. How can you, then articulate the fact that happiness is your best friend. You really just need to experience it.


This video features the inspiring story of Danny, a boy born with development delays, and his dog Saki, a German shepherd being trained to be a rescue dog next door. Danny in the beginning was unable to form complete sentences, potty train, and his motor skills were uncoordinated. One day Saki escaped his owner’s house and snuck into Danny’s yard. Conveniently Danny’s father, who was against dogs, wasn’t in the house while this even transpired. Danny then went straight up to Saki and hugged her. It was from that moment on that His life changed forever. Now Danny can form complete sentences, go to the potty and also throw a ball. All thanks to this wonderful German shepherd.

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