A Rare Rothschild Giraffe Was Born At The Zoo. When You See Her Delivery? Beautiful!


Giraffe moms give birth to their babies after keeping them in their womb for nearly 15 years – and they stand while doing so. In this video, we get to see one of these fascinating births. In 2013, a rare Rothschild Giraffe was delivered at LEO Zoological Conservation Center, a conversation society in Connecticut. The keepers caught the beautiful moment on film and now it has gone viral.


The mom is called Petal. We can already see the baby coming out when the video starts. In a few minutes, the baby’s head emerges and dangles from the mom’s body. Experts say that the hard fall on the ground is what “wakes” the baby up. After the baby giraffe falls on the floor, Petal starts cleaning her. Then in a few minutes, the tiny baby takes her very first steps! Wait till you see it! Rothschild Giraffes are an endangered subspecies, and sadly, only 1500 of them are left in the wild.

Watch the clip below!


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