This Is Her Second Groomer Visit. But What This Tiny Pooch Did Next Will Steal Your Heart! Aww!


Dogs are one of the most common pets in any household. And who wouldn’t love them? They are adorable, smart, entertaining, and extremely loyal. We treat them as family and they do the same in return. If you own a dog, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Grooming is one of them. It is really essential for raising a happy and healthy dog.


The cute little puppy featured below is named Oreo. She is only 11 weeks old, but she has already been to a groomer once before. The video shows her second visit to the groomer, but as you can see, she isn’t very enthusiastic about it. So the little girl throws the biggest hissy fit ever! She even makes the groomer laugh because of her tantrum.

Watch the cute video below!

This is how Oreo looked after the grooming was finished! Adorable, isn’t she?

Bobbie Lee


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