A Pod Of Killer Whales Chase A Speedboat. Your Heart Will Drop To The Floor When You See THIS!


When they decided to spend their 20th wedding anniversary in La Paz Mexico at Costa Baja Resort/ Spa, Rich and Laura Howard had never expected to experience what happened to them. They were enjoying a nice boat ride in the friendly sea lion colony, when all of a sudden a pod of orcas aka killer whales decided to drop by!


The orcas start chasing the speedboat with an astounding speed and thank heavens someone somehow managed to get it on tape. This is truly stunning! Orcas are not considered to be a threat to humans but may be that chase is a bit close for comfort right? Either way, I would have loved to be on that boat for sure! What a thrilling adrenaline-filled ride!

Watch these gorgeous killer whales chasing a speed boat in the video below! How did you feel watching this? Would you have liked to be on that boat? Share in the comments!


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  1. The video was amazing, on a whale watching tour in Long Beach we saw something very similar and there was a small fishing boat near by that got a pretty good bump by the very large male… A experience I will never

  2. Apparently these idiots don’t understand that whales can run into the propellers. They should have immediately put the boat into neutral and let the whales pass. SMGDH


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