This Little Girl Singing Adele’s Rolling in Deep Will Leave You Speechless. I Can’t Believe It.


Olivia Kay is a new rising star with an impressive vocal range and performance that a lot of today’s famous artist would be jealous of. Coming from Oklahoma, she is a local star, performing on festivals and ceremonies in her city at only ten years old. She has been singing since she was four and not even her parents were aware of how good she is until she went on a public audition at a local mall, where she blew away everyone with her version of the national anthem. Olivia is a member of a music school, where she receives her vocal training, but this is not a reason for her success, it only enhances her natural talent.


We can see that in her impressive cover of Adele’s Rolling in the deep, all in all a very vocally demanding song, that even established musicians have trouble with. If not for the video that became quite a success online, we would probably have trouble believing that she is only 10 years old. The control she has over her voice and the performance we can see makes her more than worthy of her title – the little girl with a big voice.

Being so successful at such a young age makes her opportunities for the future almost endless. Her performances can bring her a lot of opportunities for future music careers, her tone and voice dynamic also makes her a perfect candidate for a successful voice over career. If she keeps up with the hard work and develops her voice further, any of the colleges with programs for young singers will be happy to offer her a scholarship. Her opportunities are endless, a new pop star, a musical theater star, we will just have to wait and see where her bright future takes her.




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