Dog Still Has “Frozen” Fever. Watch What He Does When He Hears THIS Song From The Disney Movie


Music is something that almost every living being in the world enjoys – including plants and animals. According to various studies, plants and animals relish music just like humans do. Take for example, the pooch featured in the video below! This cute Australian Shepherd is a huge music fan and he just can’t contain his excitement every time he hears his favorite song.


He is called Oakley and he loves the song, Let It Go, from the 2013 hit Disney movie, Frozen. Whenever his owner plays the track, Oakley starts “singing along”. In this video, we get to see one of these instances. The pooch was sleeping the backseat when the song started. But the moment he heard it, he perked up and went all out! Wait till you see his reaction!

Watch this priceless clip below! Did this make you smile? Share what you thought about it in the comments!


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