This Baby Elephant Was Not Taking His Bath Seriously. But When Mama Spotted Him? LOL!


All the babies are playful and full of happiness. They find joyfulness in almost everything. Elephant babies are no exception. I don’t know about others, but I find elephant babies the most adorable of all the animals out there. Maybe it is because of their size, chubbiness and clumsiness that make them the cutest animal on earth.


This video below features a cute little elephant baby who is playing instead of taking a bath. This 1 year old Navann who lives at the Elephant Nature Park loves taking bath, but in addition he can’t help but play with the water and his bathtub while cleaning his body. He is really excited and energetic little elephant. But as it turns out, mama elephant doesn’t quite like when Navann plays with the bathtub while he should be taking the bath seriously. Irritated mom approaches Navann and jolts the tub out of his trunk.

Watch this adorable baby elephant and his mama in the video below. Did this make you smile? Let us know through your comments!


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