Doctor Pushed Down On Her Breech Baby. But What Happens Next? This Is UNREAL!


Giving birth is one of the most precious miracles on earth but while the output of the miracle is very beautiful, the process can sometimes get quite complicated. When Liam Muckleston found out that the baby in his wife’s womb had entered a breech position, he immediately rushed her to the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton, United Kingdom.


Liam’s wife was 36 weeks and three days pregnant. If not taken care in time, he baby breech could end up being fatal during labor. The doctor thus to prevent any sort of complications, performed External Cephalic Version (ECV) on the lady.

External Cephalic Version is the process where one uses bare hands to flip the baby externally by massaging the mother’s belly. A breech birth occurs when a baby is born bottom first instead of head first. This position can bring various kinds of complications during delivery.

Though it’s safe to perform a C-section during a breech birth, problems like umbilical cord prolapse, oxygen deprivation, and injury to the brain and skull can still occur. So it’s very important to be cautious. Watch this video showing a doctor performing an ECV on a breech baby at 36 weeks at the Royal Sussex Hospital.


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