He Rescued Countless Dogs From Death At The Underground Meat Trade In China. How? Inspirational


Owner of a pet food shop called the PetStaurant and a local animal shelter, Marc Ching has seen a fair share of abandoned dogs in his life. But nothing prepared him for what he saw at the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. In 2015, he found out about festival, but it’s what he did next that is becoming the talk of the internet.


In 2011, Marc established the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation in order to help abandoned and abused dogs get a second chance at life. But his nonprofit organization changed for the better thanks to his trips to Asia. Now, Marc rescues helpless and abandoned dogs out of the underground meat trade – even putting his own life at risk.

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“The abuse and inhumanity is so brutal out there that it doesn’t compare to anything here in America”, says Marc about the festival.

The man couldn’t leave the poor dogs behind after he saw what happened to them. So he started pretending as a wealthy American businessman in order to trick slaughterhouses into giving him live dogs as “samples” of the product. Once the dogs have been secured, Marc and his team smuggle them back to the USA. The dogs are then given medical attention and all the love they deserve. He has been to Asia six times for these dangerous missions and is preparing for his seventh trip soon.


Some cultures think that adrenaline makes dog meat taste better. So they often torture and abuse dogs before killing them.

“This trade is built upon the belief that if you torture and abuse the animal, it makes the meat taste better,” says Marc.

The International Human Society estimates that almost 1 million dogs are cruelly slaughtered for their fur or meat every year in China alone. Several animal activist groups and celebrities have teamed up with Marc to stop such practices.


In order to help or learn more, feel free to visit Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.

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