14 Yr Old Has No Arms. But Watch When She Plays The Piano With Her Feet


Lorelai Mosnegutu was abandoned by her mother at birth and left for dead. She was born in Romania with some severe physical deformities; but thankfully, she was adopted by a loving woman called Mama Vio. Vio helped her become an academic all-star and she also made sure that Lorelai could make use of her feet since she had no arms. The young girl has written 10 books already and she has started writing poetry as well.


The 14 year old participated on Romania’s Got Talent this year and shared her wonderful talent to the world. Having no arms, the girl played the piano with her feet and left everyone in shock. She even sang! The judges were so impressed with her powerful performance, that they gave Lorelai a Golden Buzzer!

Watch Lorelai’s incredible performance below! Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Let us know in the comments!


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