They Brought The Dog Onstage And Played Whitney’s Classic Hit. What Happens Next? I’m Dying!


We all are quite familiar with animals’ love for music. We have seen many videos in the internet to prove this fact. But this dog named Lady Xena beats all the dogs out there in the internet. Every time she hears Whitney Houston’s hit song “I Will Always Love You”, she just can’t help but sing along herself. She even managed to impress the crowd when she displayed her talent during her participation in Belgium’s Got Talent.


According to Lady Xena’s owners Mick and Daphnee, they always thought Xena could understand music. This was proved when Xena was just 12 weeks old and she started to sing and howl when she heard the much loved song by Whitney Houston. They thought it was really weird but Xena no doubt managed to entertain the audience in this Got Talent platform.

Xena certainly managed to make me laugh out loud. What about you? Did you like Xena and her special talent? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. It’s cute, but I don’t want to burst their bubble but dogs have very sensitive hearing. High pitched noises cause them pain. Try playing a harmonica or a high pitch note.most dogs have this reaction.


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