My Heart STOPPED When He Entered That Lioness’ Cage. But Then? I Was Totally SHOCKED To See THIS!


Wild animals such as lions are often deemed to be vicious and have no feelings. Lions are strong carnivorous animals so it is obvious for them to be perceived as ‘dangerous’, however it is also a proved fact that animals who are brought up in captivity have a special attachment towards their humans. This video below features this beautiful lioness who proves this fact!


This video below is a clip by The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. It features this beautiful lioness who is called Kiara and is meeting his former adoptive father Adolfo again. Kiara is like a child and gets excited as soon as she sees Adolfo approaching her cage. And the warm hug Adolfo receives when he gets inside the cage is just heart-warming!

Watch this sweet relationship between Kiara and her adoptive father in the video below. What do you think about it? Drop your opinions in the comments section below!


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  1. I’m always in awe and amazed when a lion has an interaction such as this with his/her human. I do worry that it encourages folks that do not have proper knowledge or experience into thinking they can have the same relationship, and end up unsafe. Lastly, the the fact that the lion left its enclosure for a moment prior to turning and going back in with the man is quite worrisome. There were several people in the area outside of the enclosure. Sadly, this makes me concerned for the safety/precautions that may not be properly held to or in place


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