Poor puppy was cruelly abused & thrown 30ft into a canal, but his transformation will put tears in your eyes


Around 4 million dogs are abandoned every year in the USA alone. Some organizations are fighting hard to lessen this stat, and one of those amazing establishments is Hope For Paws. One time they received an urgent call about a dog that had been stranded in the LA River. It was found out via an eyewitness that the poor pooch had been abused and brutalized and then thrown 30 feet down into the canal!


The poor dog was in a terrible condition. He didn’t resist even a bit when a rescuer went to retrieve him. He was safely rescued and was named Jordan. But it was just the beginning; little Jordan had a long and rough road to recovery. It is touching to see Jordan getting better at the end of each day! This transformation was one of the best ever!

Watch Jordan’s recovery in the video below! What type of action do you think should be taken against animal abusers? Share in the comments!


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  1. cried like a baby watching this video, my youngest son name is Jordan, he is a true fighter. God bless the people that rescued Jordan and all the vets that help heal him and also the people at who’s home is is staying. Anyone that can do this to any animal should do major jail time and be band from ever owning another animal.

  2. omg frist i would like to thank the ones who saved him god bless you and as far as the sorry low life person or persons that did this little guy the way you did them you dont want to know what i think of you and i cant put it on here. just be glad i wasnt around when you did this you should burn in hell.


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