When This Man Was Filming Seagulls, THIS Came Out Of The Water And Left Him SCREAMING! OMG!


Brad Rich was having a nice and peaceful day off the coast of Seward, Alaska when he witnessed an incredible moment in the ocean. He was filming the nearby seagulls but something caught his attention. He was already enchanted by the large group of seagulls flying near the ocean surface but when he saw THIS come out of the water, he screamed in excitement.


Right by his boat, he saw a pod of whales breaching. At first he thought he heard some noise from underneath the water, but within seconds he was in for a shocker. Not surprisingly, Brad was taken aback by the unusual but incredible sight. It was a good thing that he had his camera on. He caught this amazingly rare footage which lasted only for few moments.

Check out this incredible video below. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments below.


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