Five Horses Get Lined Up At A Fence. When I Knew Why, I Couldn’t Stop Smiling! WOW!


This incredible video shows a very precious interaction between horses. Pippin is a miniature stallion who just loves going out for hikes with his family. He lives a happy healthy life and is amazingly trained too. The following video shows Pippin meeting with a herd of horses in one of his hikes.


As Pippin got close to the big horses, I couldn’t help but constantly stared towards the screen. The interaction was so adorable and gentle. I couldn’t help but wonder how well behaved the horses were. The big horses gently touch Pippin and cuddle him lovingly. All the horses one by one touch him to express their love.

I had never in my life seen such a harmonic herd. Horses truly are extra special. I just love how curious all the horses were when they saw the small guy but, how calmly they handled their curiosity and fascination. The miniature stallion surely enjoyed the attention given by the rest of the counterparts. Watch this beautiful video and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments!


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  1. Thanks you for posting this the horses were absolutely beautiful. I’m trying to work out what they were thinking they might have been confused thinking it was baby but relised it didn’t have the scent of one, or maybe because they are such beautiful beings they were just sharing their love. Watching this filled my heart with love, I’ve just had a heart attack myself and it has made me feel so much better… Thank you….. Xxx ✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨


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