Tiny Hedgehog Was Placed In The Sink. But When The Water Started Flowing? Aww!


Some animals love playing in water. They don’t mind jumping around in puddles or soaking up the rain. They even dive headfirst into a river if they ever come across one. But then there are those who absolutely abhor it. And this adorable hedgehog featured below is one of them. Wait till you see how he reacts when he realizes it’s time for a bath.


His owner decided he needed a bath, but this little guy is not very eager about it. He tries his best to climb out of the empty sink, but in vain. He tries his luck even when the water starts filling up, but he doesn’t succeed. But as it turns out, he doesn;t hate everything about baths. The one thing he actually enjoys is getting scrubbed by his owner. Wait till you see his reaction!

Watch this precious video below! Did this make you smile? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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