A Normal Day At The Retirement Turns Completely Amazing When THIS Happens! This Is Priceless!


They say even that though you age, you should remain young at heart; that is all that matters. And these elderly folks from Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch have shown the world that they are still very much young at heart!


60 residents and staff from the institution made this video as a cover to the famous Pharrell Williams song “Happy”. It is called “80 odd years of happy” and this video has made me smile big! Now there were a fair share of “Happy” video covers since its release, but this one is just so special! These hip grandparents wanted to show their children and grandchildren the stuff they are made of! They’ve still got the grooves!

Watch this very awesome video below! These grandparents are really energetic! Wow!


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  1. This is great, but there are so many residential hoes which have nothing like the variety, rooms or staff to make life tolerable let alone as gloriously ‘happy’ as this. I wish them all well but wonder if other residential homes can ever compete.


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