Grandma Is Spotted Acting Strange On A Waffle House Parking Lot. But Then? I Can’t Stop Laughing!


This grandma from Georgia surely knows how to enjoy life. The way she is seen dancing her heart out surely tells that. Most of us think that fun is just for youngsters who have all the advantages to enjoy of their youth life however this super fun granny seems to be spitting on those thoughts.


Women of her age usually succumb to such thoughts and give up their hobbies. But she simply is not one of them. She doesn’t care if she’s too old to do something like this, dancing in the middle of a Waffle House parking lot. She loves herself and likes to enjoy her life.

Age is nothing but just a mere number. Its ones heart that needs to be young and this super fun grandma actually shows that. The energetic spirit she has is something one has to be blessed with. Such a fun loving person!
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