He Stretched His Hand Out To The Water. But When I Saw What Emerged From Beneath, It STUNNED Me!


Underwater world is one of the most fascinating things on earth. You can never be 100% sure of what to expect. Just when you think you know everything about it; it surprises you in the least expected way possible! Whales are one of the largest creatures on earth. Imagine how amazing it would be to watch these gorgeous whales in person! I am so glad that the following video was caught on tape. It shows a grey mother whale lifting her calf up, seemingly to help it get a better view of the excited onlookers! Adorable much?


The gray whales in San Ignacio Lagoon often approach small tourist boats, in search of the human interaction. These gentle giants seem to enjoy interacting with humans. Aren’t you jealous of those tourists on the boat right now! I love watching how this mother whale lifts her beautiful baby above the surface!

Watch this beautiful video below! would you have liked to be on that boat? Share your thoughts about this video through your comments!


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