Senior Couple Turn Restaurant Into A Dance Floor When ‘Uptown Funk’ Starts Playing.


We all get old. It is a fact of life. An unavoidable truth. Some people seem to handle aging better than others. Some people age gracefully whereas others; not so much. It’s the attitude you have that really defines you, I believe. Having the right attitude is key to having the life you desire. The video featured is of an elderly couple who were on vacation from Texas. They’re in their 70s. They may be old but that in no way has stopped their childish nature.


Burt and Carolyn, the couple in their 70s, stopped by at Inverary resort in Nova Scotia, Canada. There they met the musician Keith Mullins. They asked Keith if they could just order water and nothing else as they’d come to dance. Keith was amused by their childish character and lively nature that he agreed to let them stay without ordering anything. Keith played ‘Uptown funk’ by Bruno Mars and it was at that moment that both Burt and Carolyn amazed everyone with their moves.

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