Abused Child Can’t Wait To Grow Up For The Most Heartbreaking Reason


Statistics compiled by government agencies show that there are millions of children that are abused physically, emotionally, and sexually in this country every year. The sad fact is that the number of abused children is growing. This shocking video 40 second video demonstrates the degree of abuse suffered by innocent children daily. Child abuse and domestic violence are a crime. The effects of abuse on children will last a lifetime. They require child abuse counseling and additional help from child abuse services to repair the deep physiological damage that might last a lifetime.


The child is not alone. Children have rights under the law and protection from the abuser. Abused spouses are not alone either. They might feel that they were abused and wrongfully accused by the abuser. Indeed, a child abuse lawyer is aware of the abuser and their abusive behavior. Lawyers and child abuse services or social services child abuse agencies realize that child abuse and domestic violence takes many forms. It is important to recognize the subtle forms of child abuse before the damage escalates.

Forms of child abuse that definitely require child abuse counseling might include loud outburst at children on a continual basis, punishing a child excessively, hitting a child repeatedly, angry feelings directed specifically against a child, excessive sexual feelings directed against a child, and parental neglect. These are all forms of child abuse seen by child abuse lawyers who handle child abuse and domestic violence cases on a regular basis.

Certainly, child abuse is a problem in this country. It is important to recognize the symptoms and have the abusive behavior treated by a specialist.

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  1. my grandwson is being abused at school because he’s intellectually impaired, but what do the teachers do? When he hits back in self defense because nobody else will help him he gets suspended from school with a threat of expulsion.


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