Céline Dion Ends Up Crying On Stage When She Sings A Song About The Men She Lost To Cancer


On September 9th 2016, Céline Dion got on stage to pay tribute to the three loved ones she lost to cancer. She sang her brand new single “Recovering” for the first time. This song is a journey about discovering oneself in times of grief. Dion was offered to sing this song by the celebrated artist Pink. The way she executed this song on the stage is truly amazing!


Dion has had an emotional journey. Her father died of cancer in 2003 and her brother passed away due to throat,
brain and tongue cancer. She also lost her beloved husband to throat cancer. Before singing her heart out, she says “I miss René every day and the loss will now be a part of my life.” She manages to dazzle each and every one in the audience through her powerful lyrics. You’ll be moved when pictures of her father, brother and husband are shown on the screen at the end.

Watch the video below! Wasn’t this touching? Let us know about what you thought in the comments!


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