That Is An Ordinary Bird. But When You See What He Can Do, You’ll Be Floored!


Star wars has one of the most amazing theme songs. Most of you might not agree with me, but that’s what I think! This series has taken a hold of my heart and I can’t wait for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens which is set to release in December of 2015! And I’m sure I’m not alone! There are a lot of Star Wars fans out there!


And one such fan is featured in the video below. This exceptionally adorable blue and white budgie not only looks a bit like R2D2 (or may be its just me), but he can make similar sounds as well! His owners say that they taught him how to do R2D2 and now he is driving them crazy along with the other two budgies in his cage! Bluey is a curious bird and he can copy sounds in a really short amount of time.

Watch the adorable video below! What did you think about that? let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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