This Little Boy Brought His Mother To Tears. You Should Hear What He Said.



This little boy named Luiz Antonio doesn’t want to eat any kind of sea food and for that he has a reason. Sea food like octopus are after all living creatures, animals. This innocent boy knows this all and according to him he does not want to eat any sea food because they are gained by killing the innocent animals.


This boy is having his conversation with the mother and the way he shares his genuine humanitarian ideas, it will make you wonder why aren’t we as sensitive as this little kind boy. No wonder, children are called the gifts of god. They understand emotions, feelings and humanity like no one else.

Luiz is a small boy, with a golden heart. Listen to him as he tells why he does not wasn’t to eat sea food and what he would want to eat. His reasons and explanation will surely touch your heart. And yes, his mother didn’t force him to eat what he didn’t want to, like many parents do.

Click on “Captions”, (the white square next to the clock) at the bottom right of the video for English subtitles.

This boy actually touched my heart. He has given such a beautiful message in such a young age. Did you like this video? Do let us know how you felt watching it through the comments. Please share this video with your friends and family too.



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