Abandoned At The Age Of 30, Abused Horse Finds A Home With A Woman Who Doesn’t Give Up On Him


After spending most of his life as a work horse in a farming community in New England, Arthur was let go. This 30 year old Belgian draft then had to through the arduous task of traveling to different auctions from time to time.



It was then when he met another horse named Max. These two very quickly became fond of each other. They both were taken to a high-kill action in New Holland and were rescued by Cindy Daigre, founder of Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary in Tennessee.


Cindy had done some research on the two horses and knew that they were in a really bad shape. She felt it necessary to do something to end their misery.


“I was told that Arthur was purposely starved while waiting to go to the next auction and the man that had him often sold thin old horses to the ‘cat man’ with exotic cats for meat,” Daigre told The Dodo. “I was horrified.”


Daigre safely transported the two horses to her sanctuary. But she knew that she had a difficult path ahead of her. Arthur would take a lot of time to recover from his painful journey. He was already so weak that he couldn’t stand up on his own and would often lie on the ground without eating anything.


Little by little, Arthur began to regain his strength. He was willing to eat again and his recovery started to go smoothly. But this wasn’t the case for Max.


Max was physically abused and had issues trusting people. “Max has a back injury with neurological issues as well as feet issues,” Daigre said. “He was physically abused and was so full of fear upon arrival and had no use for people. He was actually dangerous to work with.”


But Daigre wasn’t one of those people who would back down easily. She started to notice improvements with Max after just one year of rescue. After two years since their rescue, both horses have shown drastic changes in their behavior and are now healthier than ever!


They braid Arthur’s mane to keep him cool in the summers. He has developed a very special bond with Max and both can be seen hanging around with each other frequently. “They have a friendship formed through tragedy and then compassion,” Daigre said


You can keep up with Arthur and Max’s journey on the sanctuary’s Facebook page.


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