When There Was No One In The Swimming Pool, These Giraffes Went In And Did THIS. Unbelievable!


With the help of technology and creativity, artists have created revolution in animation. One of the world famous artists in this sector is Nicholas Deveaux who has made a mark in the world by creating whimsical animations of animals doing distinctly human activities. The video below is one of his latest art piece which features a team of high-diving giraffes performing a set of remarkable flips. Make sure you look at the giraffes carefully, because this is truly mind-blowing.


Nichoas is a French artist and he is the mastermind behind this incredible animated clip known as 5 mètres 80. The graphics of this animation is really incredible that it will make you doubt your eyes. From the movements of giraffes to the splash of water, everything looks real.

What do you think about this short animation? Isn’t this astonishing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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