She Buys Him A Beer But He Throws It Away In Front Of Her. Reason? You Will Cry Laughing!


This lady in the video buys men a beer. So they are very ecstatic about it thinking that she kind of likes them! Naturally, if any girl would do such a thing to a stranger they will definitely think that. But there is a twist in the story.


When an apparently more attractive man sits down, she tells the waitress to take the drink from the original man and give it to the new guy. One final twist makes the woman change her mind again, and she eventually gives the drink back to the first man.

Luckily it was all a prank and he quickly realizes the situation he’s in is just for laughs! What would you have done if this prank was played on you? Write your comments below and let us know your thoughts on this video. Have a great day!


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