His Wife Was Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s. Now Wait Till You See What He Does For Her Every Day!


With all the increase in divorce rates, it really makes one wonder about the existence of true love and the strength of marriage vows. However, you just need one example of true love to make you really believe in its existence. And we have a perfect example of a true love in the video below!


Bill and Glad knew each other from their teenage. She was 16 and he was 17 when they first met each other. Within a year of their first meeting, their friendship turned into love and their bond was unbreakable. Their love was unconditional, and even after marriage they loved each other like they did when they were young lovers. But life turned out to be mean! Glad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2005 and their life drastically changed. However, Bill didn’t give up on Glad. Even though Glad’s situation was getting worst day by day, his love didn’t waver at all.

Watch this beautiful love story in the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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