Have Old VHS Tapes Collecting Dust? Transfer Them To Your Computer By Doing This


There was a time when VCRs and VHS tapes were popular. They were used to watch movies or just record special videos for memories. But, every time you watched it, you would have to rewind the whole video to the starting point. Now entertainment technology has made huge gains since the era of VHS. You can even say that these tapes are now extinct, and I don’t even remember the last time I watched one. However, what to do with all those memories recorded in those old VHS tapes? We have good news for you. This man in the video below has the perfect trick to transfer these old VHS footage to your computer.


Donald Bell, a host from CNET explains everything you’ll ever need to do to make sure your precious VHS footage isn’t lost. For this process you will need your VHS tapes, a VCR with audio and video plug in the back, an adaptor, a computer and your time. It might take time to go through this process but by the end of it, you will have all your old mementos in your computer for your children and their children. Isn’t it worth it?

Now you can take your time, grab your old VHS footages and transfer them to your computer. You have whole new materials to show your new generation.


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  1. Do you have written instructions that I can follow? What type of adaptor are you referring to? have Almost all ’84 Olympics on VHS, and would like to preserve them.


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