Dog Asks His Girlfriend To Move In With Him. But When His Owner Opens The Door? LOL!


When this owner was having breakfast with his dog, Harvey, he never expected his day to turn out like this. As soon as they were about to have breakfast, they heard someone at the door. But when dad went to open it, he found something unbelievable; a beautiful dog, a magnificent coiffured poodle called Harmony was standing on the doorstep with her suitcase.


Apparently, Harvey, the world’s most resourceful dog had invited his girlfriend to move in with him. As his owner looks at him for an explanation, Harvey, as always use the power of TV advertisement to persuade his owner to let the love of his life come to live with them. Will dad agree to it?

This video is one of the hilarious advertisements of the Thinkbox. Did you like it? Let us know via comments!


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