Couple’s Perfect “Dirty Dancing” Routine On Wedding Day Left Guests Jumping On Their Feet


Terra and Drake are big dance fanatics. They love to dance and they knew that they wanted to surprise the guests at their own wedding with their special dance routine. Ever since “Dirty Dancing” came out in 1987, couples all around the world try their hardest to carry out the “final dance” from the movie. But I have to say, this one was really quite impressive!


Before they got hitched, Terra and Drake worked on a surprise dance to perform on the big day. They even took some time out to dress like the characters of Baby Houseman and Johnny Castle. When they finally started their routine, even their friends were families were beyond impressed with what they saw! This is one of the best dance covers I have seen!

Watch this amazing video below! What did you think about Terra and Drake’s performance? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!


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