Clydesdales Come Together For A Snow Ball Fight Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen!


You are probably familiar with Budweiser Clydesdales and their commercials. These horses are one of the most famous and elegant horses in the entire world. They are mostly seen in Budweiser commercials and also on the parades and celebrations. As we all know that Budweiser commercials are either touching or very funny, and this advertisement in the video below is of the later. You will be in hysterics to watch this!


According to the brewing company Anheuser-Busch, currently they own around 250 Clydesdales. They are the enduring symbol of the brewer’s heritage. In this uplifting Budweiser advertisement from the year 2005, 7 of these elegant horses are featured. It is apparently winter and these magnificent horse are out for some playtime. In the video, they have the most hilarious snowball fight ever.

Wait till you see what happens at the end of this commercial. Did you find it funny? Let us know via comments!


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  1. I love these horses, I loved this ad.!!! We went to the brewery in New Enland many yrs. ago, the adult horses were away, but many colts were there.These horses are so beloved, and so well treated. At the time their stables were little alpine houses, I would have loved to move into one, LOL !!!


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