Rooster Started To Crow In The Morning. But When You Hear Him? LOL, I Can’t Believe My Ears!


With all the hilarious clips on the internet, I think it is safe to call animals funny beings. Sometimes, it even feels as if they came into this world to entertain us. This video shows one of such hysterical moments of a rooster. After seeing what he does in the clip, you surely won’t be able to hold back your laughter.


As we all know, roosters crow very early in the dawn. Their call is almost impossible not to identify, so we always have that typical sound in mind whenever we see a rooster. However, this particular rooster from China is different from all his counterparts. His call begins in a similar manner but ends in a totally unexpected way. I have to admit – I never thought that he would laugh every time he did the call!

Watch the video below. Did it make you smile? Let us know what you thought in the comments section!


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