He Grabbed His Sister With Her Legs. What He Did Next? OMG… THAT Is Just Too Dangerous!


Two talented siblings, Billy and Emily Birminghams left judges biting their nails with their unbelievable act for the audition of Britain’s Got Talent 2015. They came onstage with their one of the kind act. Their act was roller-skating but their routine was nothing like I had ever seen before. Even Simon Cowell said that he had never seen anything like this performed in a stage before.


From the very young age Billy and Emily practiced with their roller-skaters together. When they were just eight and five respectively, their mom thought it was best to provide them with something to play with. From the moment they got their skaters, they were hooked. With this act they proved that a lot of practice and devotion towards something can make you perfect.

Watch this talented sibling’s dangerous act ever on the stage of BGT. Don’t forget to comment on the comments section below.


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