Abandoned Horse Was In The Brink Of Death. Now Watch His TEAR JERKING Rescue Story! OMG!


From the start of the human civilization, humans have domesticated wild horses for the means of transportation and companionship. Even now, though they are not used for transportation, many people like to take care of horses in their barns as their pets. However, not everyone takes care of them as they are supposed to. For various reasons, people sometimes abandon horses and sometimes even abuse them.


In this clip below, we see a poor horse, later named Bones, who was abandoned at the top of a mountain. He was drugged and was left by his previous owner at the mountain and left him to die. There was no water source near the place he was left and he was starving like hell. You can almost see his ribs sticking out of his body. Poor Bones was wondering in the mountain and waiting for someone to save him.

Watch what happens next in the video below. What are your thoughts about it? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  1. I found myself in floods of tears after reading this hearbreaking story. It is truly unbelievable that anyone could leave this poor animal to starve to death because it was no longer useful to them. It destroys faith in human nature that someone could be so cruel. It is my belief that the biggest threat to our animal kingdom is man

  2. What a beautiful caring person to take care of this poor horse that didn’t deserve to be treated badly and left to die. I would like to say the original owner should be horsewhiPped but that is cruel too. No one deserves to be treated so badly especially an innocent animal!


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