They Think He’s A Piece Of Trash, But Watch What Happens When The Sun Comes Up…


This video will get you very emotional and may even bring tears to your eyes. My heart broke as people passed by this sweet pup. But when he got a new lease on life and a new best friend I couldn’t help but smile!


Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. (formerly Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages) is an American soft drink company, based in Plano, Texas. It was spun off from Britain’s Cadbury Schweppes, on May 5, 2008, with trading in its shares starting on May 7, 2008. Cadbury Schweppes plc became Cadbury plc on May 5, 2008

I had no idea a commercial for Dr. Pepper could give me this many butterflies! How are you one of a kind? Tell us below! We would love hearing from you!


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