This Dog Thinks His Baby Sister’s Life Is In Danger. Now Watch Him Do THIS To Protect Her!


Dogs are always protective towards their human friends; especially their little human siblings. Eekichin is this tiny poodle in the video below who is very protective towards his baby sibling. Every time he hears the scary sound of the vacuum cleaner, he immediately runs to his sister’s side acting as a shield. This poodle thinks that vacuum is a lethal danger to his sister.


According to the video description, Eekichi is only 71bs but he loves his tiny sister so much that he physically protects her with his tiny body. The owner says in the description that she can’t wait to show her daughter this video when she gets older so she can know just how strong their bond has always been.

Watch this cutie pie protecting his sister from the scary vacuum cleaner. Did this make you smile? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. That poor little dog is very scared so why keep doing it. The little dog knows they won’t hurt the baby so he gives to her for protection!! Very Sad!!!

  2. I agree Lindsay nightingale… He’s scared.. Not protecting. He squealed sure at one point when they turned it on and ran to the baby.

  3. In the first place they are NOT siblings. One is made in Gods imagen and the other is an animal. I love animals but will never compare them to us. If he is scared or protecting the baby does not matter. It is cute but i would not do that to either one.


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