People Bullied Her For Being Fat. But What She Did Onstage To Shut Them Up Will BLOW YOUR MIND!


Most often, we tend to associate beauty with people’s body types. Media has been a great influence for misleading people’s perception of beauty. Because of this misconception and judgments, many people with heavy body has become victim of bullying and a figure of pity. However, there are many people who are working to change the things for good. 27 year old Emma Haslam seems to be one of them!


Emma, a wife and mother of 3 year old child came to Britain’s Got Talent 2014 on a skimpy outfit. She is a plus size so obviously her outfit was revealing her heavy body. However, it didn’t effect Emma’s confidence at all. She performed a stunning routine of pole dancing and left even Simon Cowell smiling from ear to ear.

Emma wants everyone to know that size doesn’t matter even when it comes to dancing. Do you agree with her? Were you impressed by her performance? Let us know in the comments!


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