He Slices A Potato — But Not All The Way. The Reason Is Genius!


Potatoes are known to be the king of vegetables. But peeling them is truly the most time consuming task ever. So moving away from the conventional way of doing it, this man teaches us way too easier and simpler trick.


I just realized how much time I would have saved in the kitchen only if I had known this a little earlier. This popular YouTuber Dave Hax has come up with a speedy way of peeling the potatoes. All you need to do is cut the outer layer with a sharp knife and boil it. After the potatoes are cooled just enough to be picked, it can be peeled off with great ease.

This simple kitchen hack will help you end up with great result. You’ll never peel a potato with a peeler again after watching this. I am trying this right now. Watch this video and try this at your home. Tell us if it worked or not the same way through COMMENTS! ENJOY!


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  1. What about cutting them up, nobody eats whole slightly boiled potatoes, real fully boiled potatoes are nearly mush . Though I will still give it a go. Ideal for making mash.


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